The StrapoBELT

*Popular colours now available in BOTH Matte Gold & PVD Black metal hardware!


Our newest addition to the family, a single-pass Herringbone strap with a slightly thicker 1.4mm herringbone weave nylon for increased sturdiness, especially for larger top-heavy watches. They retain the beloved fully-adjustable 316L stainless steel buckle that ensures that perfect fit every time.


Single pass Perlon strap striking perlon weave setting them apart from the 2.0. With a fully-adjustable 316L stainless steel hardware and the hole-less strap design (which means you can buckle up anywhere along the strap), they will fit ALL wrist sizes perfectly! 


Single pass Nato strap with sleek 1.2mm double weave nylon with a solid 316L stainless steel fully-adjustable buckle to fit your wrists more comfortably. 

The StrapoBELT - Buckle Up & Strap On 


35 products

35 products