RUGGED Cherry Red StrapoLEATHER 22/24mm

RUGGED Cherry Red StrapoLEATHER 22/24mm

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The StrapoLEATHER is undoubtedly the most versatile strap in the collection made of high quality calf leather.

The Rugged is the most heavy duty strap that will withstand the passage of time with your favorite military watches.

The StrapoLEATHER - Have it your way, have it ANY way!


  • 120 x 80 mm long without buckle
  • 22/24mm ends at 22/24mm at buckle (no taper)
  • 3.5mm thickness throughout

Inclusive of:

  • 1 x 22/24mm StrapoLEATHER with laser-etched brushed stainless steel buckle
  • 2 x 22/24mm 1.5mm spring bars