We are a STRAPosphere, a relatively new watch strap company brought together by a group of guys bonded by a common (often poisonous) interest in watches and watch straps. We are based in a little red dot on the map, a green garden city state, a place we hold dearly in our hearts which has blessed us with more than we can imagine, Singapore.  

We do not believe that an expensive time piece naturally translates to a great timepiece. Similarly, we do not believe that well built and comfortable straps need to burn a hole in your pocket. Reliability, quality, functionality, affordability are key values that we try to translate into our brand and products. 

Be it if you are a 1 watch man/woman or you own multiple timepieces, a white or blue collared worker, a serious sportsman/woman, adrenalin junkie or just a serial couch potato, a high street fashionista or a regular tee-shirt & jeans bloke/chick, we believe that we have something for you here at STRAPosphere!

On this note, keep calm and Watch on all you good folks!