• Warranty is valid 1 year from date of issue
  • Warranty is limited to a ONE time *1-1 exchange
  • Warranty is inclusive of defective straps(within 1 month of date of issue) and breakage from general wear and tear(will not be valid in case where Straposphere ascertains to be foul play involved) of watch straps
  • Warranty is exclusive of watch buckles and springbars
  • Warranty can only be claimed together with dated and stamped warranty card issued with purchase. 

*In the event that the design/color of the strap is sold out, we will issue you a private discount code equalling the value of the damaged strap for you to choose a replacement in our webstore.


  1. Email us at straposphere@gmail.com with a clear photo of strap and dated & stamped warranty card
  2. We would provide a shipping address in our email reply for you to ship the defective/damaged strap back to us (Shipping fees to be borne by buyer)
  3. We would also in our email reply, provide a Paypal account for you to wire a payment of USD3 to cover the return shipment of the replacement strap to you.
  4. Upon receival of defective/damaged strap and *shipment payment, we would ship a replacement strap to you.
*In the unfortunate event of defective straps, we would bear the cost of the return shipment to you.
    Got any more questions with regards to our warranty guarantee? Email us at STRAPOSPHERE@GMAIL.COM and we will be sure to get back to you shortly.